Miles & Mia A to Z is an educational, picture book that teaches children different letters of the alphabet in a fun way. Featuring rhyming text and colourful original illustrations, Miles & Mia A to Z is sure to delight children of all ages as well as parents.

Pages: 40

Size: 280 x 225mm

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9935539-0-5


Price: £8.99

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What people are saying..

foamy, media
Jun 3, 2016
Miles & Mia A-Z... Not my usual type of read, but it's great to go back to basics sometimes... Lol Firstly, it's really well put together. I read through and was like "this reminds me of...."; such and such a friend or a work colleague and I am an adul
Serina, Durant
May 27, 2016
Miles and Mia are such a great inspiration for young children today. I was so excited to see the launch of this book series. It's both educational and playful in its tone with bright and colourful illustrations that bring the book to life. I purchased t
Angela, Ruotolo
May 26, 2016
A beautiful and refreshing book that both educates and represents all the diversity of my daughters' nursery friends! She loved it and wanted to read it over and over whilst telling me about her friends. I wish more books reflected the diverse and wonderf
Lorraine, Weekes
Apr 24, 2016
Book arrives promptly and very well presented. Very educational, colourful, informative and most importantly full of fun facts. Please let there be another book soon - May be something about different Countries or based on animal facts. There is so much
Nicole , Peters
Apr 23, 2016
Wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated! Miles and Mia are fast becoming role models to the little ones. A must buy!
Sinai, Fleary
Apr 11, 2016
Our children loved their Miles & Mia book and have not been able to put it down. It has been their choice for bedtime reading for 3 nights in a row!!! It's nice to have more books that reflect what our children look like. Great job! Can't wait for the fol
Lorraine, Weekes
Apr 5, 2016
Can't wait to receive the books. Video promo is fantastic and makes me want to be a kid again. Will get back once I've had a read so watch this space.....
Sophie, Spencer
Apr 2, 2016
Finally recieved my Miles and Mia A-Z book. Beautifully written and illustrated book. This clever little book is simple to read and follow for the young and even the parents will enjoy it too! The stickers that come with the book was a clever little touch
Charles, Anderson
Apr 2, 2016
Thanks my nephew will enjoy this for years to come making reading a joy to do.. much appreciated thx again.. Charli Anderson.
Samantha, Spencer
Mar 24, 2016
This is what we have been waiting for, inspiring educational fun books for little ones to read! Looking forward to reading Miles and Mia's A to Z with my nephew Cree xXx Thank you Michaela Miles & Mia for showing us the real life journey of MilesandMia's
Charles, Henry
Mar 23, 2016
I am so honored to be an early part of the Miles and Mia phenomenon that will sweep the globe. Michaela Alexander has contributed a refreshing and cutting edge book and movement to the children's genre. Thank you for creating great content for my children
Anna, Jones
Mar 7, 2016
Eeee can't wait to receive! The video made me so excited! Good luck :) x
Sophie, Spencer
Mar 6, 2016
Woohoo!! Just placed my order. I am quite excited to see it in the flesh, it looks fantastic. The video was great. I'm sure the book is going to be a blast! All the best Peace, Love & Blessings, Sophie & Ziggy xXx
Nina, Hopkins
Mar 3, 2016
So excited to receive my copy. The best of luck to you!
Anne, McIvor
Mar 3, 2016
Happy National Books Day. Best of luck with the book, it looks great! Just bought a copy for my grandsons. Best wishes, Anne
foamy, media
Mar 2, 2016